1. Brighter Day
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Vocals/Guitar - Casey Stickley

Mixed/Mastered - Steve Langley


Brighter Day

Words & Music: Casey Stickley

Verse 1:
In the night, when the moon is full
The raging seas, and the tides will roll
But you nurse this dying hope
When there's no one else around.

That autumn leads to winter's cold
To lift the weight of summer's load
Maybe all the clouds were made
To save us from a brighter day.

Verse 2:
Every life that's been bought and sold
It hardly seems fair at all
That this child you long to hold
Is lost, or never found

Verse 3:
Then the light of the morning comes
And shadows race to hide the sun.
But this hope still lingers on
When the sun is going down.

Chorus 2:
That summer springs and life unfolds
To quell the sting of winter's hold
Think if all the clouds give way
To save us from a stormy day.

Chorus 3:
As autumn leaves bring winter's cold
So summers heat won't take its toll
Does the sky turn dark and gray
To save us from a sunny day

Chorus 4:
As summer's days will never come
Until the work of winter's done
So the storms of life remain
To save us from a brighter day.