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Music: Casey Stickley Lyrics: Casey Stickley, Shawn Williams


Corner of Your Eye

Verse 1:
Long ago you traveled a vast and winding road
Filled with dangerous wonder and lies that you were told
Now there's a place inside you that no one else can see
Where you think of ways to blind yourself to all that you believed of the unknown
The way of the unknown

Verse 2:
As you walk beneath the starlight where time is laid to rest
You offer up your hand to conscience, and bow to consequence
But love is whispered softly with every breath you take
And what you need to bring you closer still will drag you far away from the unknown
Every ray of light exposed won't subtract from the unknown

If you believe in something more
And it reveals inside you what you found there once before
But it drifts just out of sight
Then you will see it clearer in the corner of your eye

Yeah, if you feel there's something more
Let it reach inside you where you found it once before
And as it drifts just out of sight
You will see it in the corner of your eye