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Music & Lyrics: Casey Stickley



Verse 1:
I see the full moon rising
I hear the wave it brings
I feel the cold that follows
Come rushing over me

And I need a faith to disguise it
But all you'll ever see
Is just a way to pay for your comfort
With our disease

Verse 2:
I've seen the endless cycle
I hear the claim it brings
That you'll be gone tomorrow
That's when I'll find release

As I pray for deafening silence
To come and rescue me
So I can trade the pain that you offer
In for my dreams

Whisper to me tell me what you believe
And drift all your love that would still be received
If you make it known and deny/defy your belief
Of waiting till the flood is over
To never find the ones who washed away........ever........again

Until you've walked away forever

Verse 3:
I hear you whisper to me
You wait till I've restored
These fears and doubts that come running
Sometimes when I'm alone

But I see the pages keep turning
Like I was meant to be
More than just a fate to endure until I concede