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Music & Lyrics: Casey Stickley


Strong Enough

Verse 1:
Take a stranger’s hand, as you settle for a rich man, rich man
Better clinch your fingers, love is closing in
Sell it to the highest bid and just forget about the loose ends, loose ends
Worth is not how much you are but the offer you extend, yeah

Verse 2:
I follow you inside, crawling farther down a long line, long line
If you pull me in too deep, will you cut me loose in time?
Hope is in disguise, and I feel it calling all night, all night
But as the tales of life unfold you blindly trade our love for gold

You believe I’m strong enough
And I believe in lies
If you can take your memories
These words redeem all mine

Don’t let me hide in this hatred that I find
'Cause the spirit may be willing but the flesh is on my mind