1. 4. Rain Down
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Music & Lyrics: Casey Stickley


Rain Down

Verse 1:
Yeah, I've got to chase you down, I know there's so much more I will be
If I could know for once what your arms could really do
If I could see you moving, it would breathe new life into me
And take me farther along to where you are

But I'd give it all to feel your touch
To feel your love come rain down on me
Every word that I long to say
Will fill your heart and rain down on me, yeah
Rain down on me, yeah

Verse 2:
I need an answer now, I know your voice would help me believe
What I have known so long, but silence shapes my reservations
If my feet are moving they will keep these doubts from stirring
And take me farther along to where you are

This relentless search for love
Would explain why every word you speak only gets me half way there
So I'll come back home where you make just one request
For a love of your own