1. Rat Race
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Inspired by the independent movie, "The Route" from director Brion Dodson....

Second Echo's latest single, "Rat Race"!


Rat Race:

Verse 1:
I'm building myself a little hideaway
Another reason to say why I just cannot pull my hand from the throttle
Until I've erased
All the feelings displaced
By this fear of going straight from the cradle to the grave.
Still the fact remains
As I'm playing this game
That I can win each time
But never live up to the name!

Now I'm caught on the inside
And I'm minding the pace
Always walking a straight line
Trying hard to explain

How when it comes to me
I can't slow down and I'm never gonna see
Your nature so I'll state my case
And set my sights on running in a Rat Race

Verse 2:
We're giving ourselves another accolade
For a premise we framed
That says "send our failures back where we got'em"
And we'll aim to recognize the pain
Of all the grievances made
'Till we're all victimized
And equal in every other way

Pre-Chorus 2:
So we try not to incite
Another violent display
Then we swallow the same lie
But we never engage

Chorus 2:
So when it comes to be
That where you stand is somewhere in between
Our nature and the life you chase
You just might find that you're running in a rat Race

Pre-Chorus 3:
Now I'm caught on the inside
And I'm fighting to stay
Always towing the same line
That we're meant to escape

Chorus 3:
So we can make believe
That truth is gone but it's never gonna be
What saves us, and the human race
As long as you fight to ensure you never have to change
So if it ever seems
Your fate's been cast and it's always gonna be
Your nature, then you'll have to face
That all this time you've been running in a rat Race

Yeah, we're running in a rat race.