1. Sing Along
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Vocals/Guitar/Drums - Casey Stickley
Bass - Rick Robins
Piano/String Arrangement - Steve Langley

Mixed & Mastered By: Steve Langley


Sing Along

Words & Music: Casey Stickley

Verse 1:
If I were to write another melody would you ever sing along?
It may never mean a thing to you, but maybe when I'm gone.
It might wake inane philosophy that you knew all along.
Or put to rest an ancient memory that kept you from moving on.

Chorus 1:
In light of all we've seen what we fight to overcome
Is this bitter offering of the fate of good enough

Verse 2:
Will you line the road of destiny and help me to sing along?
Or will this antiquated fantasy silence everyone?

Chorus 2:
Despite what makes us bleed we all fight and feign resolve
To not be crushed beneath the weight of good enough
We pray for all these years to align the fated stars
And stand here wondering are we ever good enough

But if we close our eyes and just pretend
That we've never seen the faintest sign of why it all began
Would we settle for this warm embrace
Reach the end, and only then we find you and I were made
Craving so much more....

Chorus 3:
These lives we're meant to lead never have the same results
And leave us questioning a fate that never comes
We'll never all concede what is right, or all that's wrong
Still we should never be okay with good enough