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Music & Lyrics: Casey Stickley


The Great Divide

Verse 1:
Go on and set your mind to wander
Go on, allow your feet to roam
Cause' You'll never know how much you have
Till you need it all to make it back home

Chorus 1:
Will your fears still drift aside
When you don't know if you'll make it back alive
But all these dreams you'll keep inside
Until you move across the great divide

Verse 2:
So when the sun is setting lower
And when your strength is harder to find
Just remember any energy left over
Will never leave you feeling so alive

Chorus 2:
But then will you still fantasize
When you don't know if you'll ever make it out alive?
Cause all these dreams you keep inside
They wait for you across the great divide

Divining line you hope to find
You're not ever too far gone
Diving line you hope in time
To find out where you belong